Wills & Successions


Shaheen at Law is your all-around family law practice.  Besides helping families get through difficult times in divorces, Shaheen at Law will help you decide whether you need a Last Will & Testament to determine who will receive your assets once you have died and who will be in charge of your estate to make sure your wishes are followed.

Durable Power of Attorney

Most families want a durable power of attorney so that if one party is not able to manage financial matters because he or she is incapacitated (due to an accident or illness), the person who is most trusted and able  will have the authority to act WITHOUT having to go to court and go through a costly interdiction procedure.

Living Will

More and more people are concerned about being connected indefinitely to life support without any chance of recovery.  The Living Will is a document that is used to prevent the artificial prolonging of life.

These documents are usually very simple to prepare and not expensive, and can save families the future stress and extreme financial burden of litigating these issues.  They’re good planning devices to help families deal with common events that most families go through.


After a member of your family has died, Shaheen at Law will prepare the succession papers and guide you through the legal issues.  Some successions have been streamlined, for example, if there are no minor children and the assets are limited.  Other successions can be more involved, so it may be helpful to have an independent administration, particularly if there’s property to sell and the heirs are scattered.  Other successions can be opened and closed on the same day and are relatively simple.  Our rates are by the hour and are billed monthly with an upfront deposit.  We strive to keep your costs down and streamline the process as much as possible so that the estate business can be resolved quickly.